senz A/W 2016 / Harbour

Press Photography / 2016 / Berlin
Commissioned by senz / Delft
Styling / Lia Gebremariam
Hair & Make Up / Julie Skok
Model / Lilli & David Peroz / Izaio

The latest collection by Dutch umbrella manufacturer senz is inspired by the romantic notions of the harbour: time and travel, windswept alleys smelling of salt and rain. The desire for new shores and experiences, for surrendering to the pull of the world.
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Trevor Paglen

Editorial / 2017 / Berlin
Published in mono.kultur

A cargo of 100 images on board of a communications satellite, designed to circle Earth for billions of years; a modernist irradiant cube installed in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone; Artificial Intelligence systems gone rogue, creating their own nightmarish images - Trevor Paglen treads the fine line between fine art, investigative journalism and institutional critique. But if we view art as a reflection of our world and lives, Paglen is certainly second to none in terms of relevance and urgency, not shying away from the larger questions on the functionings of the systems that our societies rely on, projecting the human experience against the vast canvas of space, technology, time.
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Taiyo Onorato

Editorial / 2016 / Berlin
Published in IMA / Tokyo

In close collaboration with artist Nico Krebs, Taiyo Onorato creates a ramshackle take on photography that is not only inspired by 19th century road movies, but transposes a similar DIY aesthetic into the white cube, refiguring space with screws, scratches and a wink of the eye.
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