Tokyo Crossing

Personal / 2003 / Tokyo

30 seconds of the legendary Shibuya Crossing in central Tokyo. It is a beautiful sight.
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Diaries: New York

Personal / 2009 / New York

There is always something unreal about America, and particularly about New York: everywhwere and everything just seems so familiar from countless films and shows, that it permanently feels like one just walked into a postcard all of a sudden.
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Phillippine New Year

Personal / 2008 / Palawan / Phillippines

What better way to begin a new year.
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Diaries: Okinawa

Personal / 2013 / Okinawa

The tropical rains, the deepest greens, the salt in the air: Okinawa dreaming.
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Diaries: Tel Aviv

Personal / 2009 / Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of my favourite cities in the world I go there about once a year. Far apart from the war-torn image that media portray, it's a lively and utterly beautiful city with a wonderful way of life.
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