Deutsches Museum

Editorial / 2008 / Munich
Published in Casa Brutus / Tokyo

The venerable Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the largest, most diverse and overwhelming museums Germany has to offer. Covering all aspects of technology and science, you can get lost for days in the many wings and corners of this vast empire of knowledge. As kids we used to hate it, but now it is simply breathtaking.
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Sammlung Goetz

Editorial / 2009 / Munich
Published in Style & the Family Tunes / Berlin

Sammlung Goetz is a small jewel in the world of private art collections located in a quiet residential area in Munich, the early building by Herzog & de Meuron unobtrusively blends into the leafy suburb while providing a perfect daylit environment to the superb collection of modern art by Ingvild Goetz.
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Editorial / 2004 / Berlin
Published in Style and the Family Tunes / Berlin

Berlin is a city where you can see the scars of its troubled history at every corner if you care to look closely. On the northern edge of the pretty Humboldthain park, for instance, is a small hill that turns out to be the remnants of a half-destroyed bunker from World War II which can still be visited.

This series has been awarded at the Lead Awards in 2005 in the category Best Architecture / Stilllife Photography
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Global Cuisine

Editorial / 2012 / Berlin
Published in Port / London

Lebensmittel in Mitte is a beautiful little culinary secret in the heart of Berlin. Tucked away on a side street, it is half restaurant, half classic deli with all the simple treasures that make life worth living.
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Andreas Murkudis

Editorial / 2011 / Berlin
Published in Brutus / Tokyo

Andreas Murkudis is arguably Berlin's most important fashion figure - he is the epitomy of effortless style and a curator of good design. Having just opened his new store in the vast former premises of the Tagesspiegel newspaper, his space, if anything, embodies more an empire of good taste rather than a conventional fashion store.
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