Béchamel Noire

Fashion Lookbook / 2004 / Berlin
Published in noi.se / Sydney
Clothes / Gunhild Kranz
Hair / Henriette Höft / M4

Based on tattooed circus ladies travelling the country in the 19th century, the collection Béchamel Noire by Gunhild Kranz juxtaposes their slightly uncanny presence with modern feminity. Beauty always has a dark side to it.
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Alma Mater

Press Photography / 2009 / Tel Aviv
Commissioned by Alma / Tel Aviv
Styling / Alma
Makeup / Mira Alon
Hair / Alon Tzadok
Model / Corinne Kitzis

A cross-section of the Israeli fashion label Alma and related labels represented at their Banker store. Where Eastern and Western influences meet and merge.
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Happiness is a Warm Gun

Fashion Editorial / 2007 / Tel Aviv
Published in jnc / Düsseldorf
Styling / Roni Cnaani
Model / Keren Berger

A day on the roofs of Tel Aviv. Smell the sea, turn your face towards the breeze, feel the sun on your skin, inhale the white city.
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mono.gramm Autumn /Winter 2010

Fashion Lookbook / 2010 / Berlin
Commissioned by mono.gramm / Berlin
Styling / Saskia Schmidt
Hair & Makeup / Julie Skok
Model / Anna Sartison / Seeds
Dance Images / ‘wound’ by cie. toula limnaios

The Autumn/Winter 2010 collection by mono.gramm is based upon dance and the effect of movement on clothes. Assisting the rehearsals of Berlin-based dance company cie. toula limnaios, the cuts and silhouettes of the winter season refer to shapes and figures of modern dance, creating a unique symbiosis between body and dress.
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mono.gramm a/w 2009

Fashion Lookbook / 2009 / Berlin
Commissioned by mono.gramm / Berlin
Model / Kathlen Hantsch / M4

The second collection by mono.gramm is a series of inbetweens. Combined in the right way, the pieces can feel either elegant or casual; the colours are dark and subdued, but the clothes fall in a light and playful manner; the mood is thoughtful but elated. And isn't the inbetween much more interesting than the beginning or ending?

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