Commercial / 2007 / Berlin
Commissioned by SWR / Stuttgart
Yosuke Nishiumi

An attempt to visualize sound. The act of listening is a uniquely individual and private sensation, when invisible but intense worlds of emotion and imagination are being triggered. Focusing on the state of mind, I asked several people to listen to their favourite music in their home environment for a program booklet by the German radio station SWR.

This series has been awarded at the Lead Awards in 2009 in the category Best Portrait Photography
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The Health of Design

Editorial / 2006 / Berlin
Published in Brand Eins / Hamburg
Hoc Littmann / Printmaker

A series of members' portraits to illustrate an article on the venerable Kčnstlersozialkasse, a German institution supporting health insurance for freelance artists and designers. We are all eternally grateful for its existence.
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15 Minutes
Typologies 01: Popstars

Personal / 2003 / Berlin
Published in Style and the Family Tunes / Berlin

Reality TV took over in Germany with the sucess of Popstars, a casting show training and selecting our supposed future pop starlets. At the first open casting, the applicants have 30 seconds to sing an excerpt a cappella to get into the second of five stages before appearing on the show.
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Tilda Swinton

Editorial / 2009 / Berlin
Published in mono.kultur / Berlin

The thoroughly wonderful Tilda Swinton is hardly in need of an introduction. The Scottish actress seems equally comfortable appearing in mainstream Hollywood productions and on the covers of glossy women's magazines as she does headlining independent low-budget films or lending her name to a variety of goodwill projects đ all without losing one ounce of her fiercely independent spirit and credibility. And it is maybe precisely the capability of appealing to a wide range of tastes while still retaining a very defined and strong personality that constitutes Tilda Swinton's most remarkable trait.
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The Nameless
Typologies 03: Iran Orphans

Personal / 2008 / Bam / Iran

In a society that is traditionally family-oriented, being an orphan has a stigma attached that is difficult to overcome, even in your adult life. In Iran, a country that has lost an entire generation to its war with Iraq, as well as struggling with a harsh climate and the effects of poverty, orphans have become a serious problem that the government does not like to admit to. This void is partly filled by private charities, as in this orphanage sponsored by Mr. Sanati, who allows his orphans to adopt his well-respected family name and thus helping them to regain some social standing.

A selection of the series is currently on view at Uncommon Place / Appointment only
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