Midday Tel Aviv

Fashion Editorial / 2005 / Tel Aviv
Published in Style and the Family Tunes / Berlin
Styling / Roni Cnaani
Hair & Makeup / StŽphane Israel
Model / Dana Friman

Tel Aviv, the new city, a glistening white in the blinding summer sun. Staying indoors, in the comforting shade, lazy from the heat, waiting for the sun to go down and the day to begin.
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Singing to the Sirens

Fashion Editorial / 2004 / Berlin
Published in noi.se / Sydney
Styling / Samja Schršder / Bigoudi
Models / Lena Wolf + Andrew Cannon

The feet on the ground and the head in the clouds. Sense and sensitivity. The head and the heart. An attempt to readjust the focus on the clothes in fashion photography.
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Eastern Prep

Fashion Editorial / 2010 / Berlin
Published in jnc / DŸsseldorf
Styling / Alexandra Heckel
Hair & Makeup / Julie Skok
Model / Julius / M4

Who said that boys don't care about their appearance? Nerd is the new cool.
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mono.gramm a/w 2011

Fashion Lookbook / 2010 / Berlin
Commissioned by mono.gramm / Berlin
Hair & Makeup / Julie Skok
Models / Helena Hoppe / Mega / Pepa Pasatu / M4

The mono.gramm collection for Autmn/Winter 2011 explores the juxtaposition of identity and versatility: A long-sleeve dress turns lightheartedly into short-sleeve where the sleeves function as an improvised belt. A neckline shifts to reveal the shoulder. A wrap dress tied in many different ways. And thus a collection which can be worn and styled in many ways and shapes, to emphasize specific aspects of your identity.
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mono.gramm s/s 2009

Fashion Lookbook / 2008 / Berlin
Commissioned by mono.gramm / Berlin
Model / Ludmilla Ismailow / Seeds

Organic and feminine forms draped in rough mens' fabrics, light violets and whites contrasted with shaded greys and purples - the debut collection by our very own fashion label mono.gramm was developed from a series of contradictions. Allowing for enough space for the unforeseeable accident but yet with a clear image in mind, there is a lightness to the collection comparable to the changing moods of a late summer's day.
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